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GreatBizTools, LLC ("GBT") is a consulting firm that specializes in designing, developing, and implementing human resource management systems. We offer practical, cost-effective business solutions through our consulting services and on-line and paper-based products.

Our principal focus is to help organizations become more profitable by providing management tools that:

  • Enhance employee efficiency and productivity
  • Improve the quality of work among employees
  • Increase employee job satisfaction
  • Reduce employee turnover

Want to know which organizations we have helped over the years? See a list of some of our current and past customers.

Where we've been

We began in 1985 as Compass Networks, which offered management consulting services for addressing employee-related issues. In 1996 Compass Networks combined forces with another consulting firm, Discovery Enterprises, Inc. The merging of these two businesses made us better equipped to tackle bigger problems with clients in a wider variety of industries.

Starting in January, 2007, Discovery Enterprises became GreatBizTools, LLC. We have expanded our product offerings and now provide web-based assessment and other online services.

For more than 25 years we have been committed to building sound, collaborative relationships with organizations. These long-term relationships with clients have given us an opportunity to develop and refine a number of human resource management products.

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