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  • Maximize returns on your investment in human resources.
  • Increase the efficiency of your employment process.
  • Ensure that your employment testing is reliable and valid.
  • Protect each employment test against unauthorized access.

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Meet your business objectives by using our online assessment process

WebAssess is a comprehensive, online test system for administering assessments to applicants, employees, and students for employment, promotion, certification, and training and development purposes. Our sophisticated web testing system will help you achieve the following organizational objectives:

  • Significantly increase your business profits

    All too often, time invested in selecting people is wasted because the approach is biased and haphazard. Our test website can maximize returns on your investment in employees.

  • Maintain the integrity of employment tests used in your organization

    Tests are worthless if they are not reliable and valid. Our online testing system was designed to provide reliable and valid assessment results.

  • Ensure that each skills test is administered and scored consistently

    Inconsistency can lead to bad hiring decisions and legal nightmares. Individuals being assessed by our online test system are always treated consistently and fairly.

  • Maximize efficiency when assessing individuals

    No organization wants to waste time or money when they test people for employment or other purposes. We built our web testing system to make everything easy and fast.

  • Reduce the risk of litigation due to unfair or discriminatory selection practices

    All employment practices, even those that do not involve tests, are under legal scrutiny. Methodical and objective assessment methods, such as those used in our computerized testing system, can decrease your chances of litigation.

  • Establish credibility and trust among applicants and employees

    Haphazard and unstructured testing procedures can give individuals a bad impression of an organization. Our web testing system makes people feel confident that everything is being handled properly.

  • Safeguard the security of all of your employment tests

    Paper-based assessments always need to be under lock and key. The built-in security features of our online assessment system make unauthorized access virtually impossible.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of test results

    Only authorized individuals should see test results. Our web testing system ensures that scores always get into the right hands.

Stop wasting money hiring incompetent, unmotivated employees

  • You can't afford to waste money on unsuccessful, indifferent employees.
  • Select highly competent individuals who will make long-term contributions to profitability and organizational health.
  • Use our sophisticated, online tests to maximize returns on your investment in employees.

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