Benefits of WebAssess

Improve your chances of hiring successful employees

  • You can't afford to waste money on incompetent, unmotivated employees.
  • Select successful people who will make long-term contributions to your business.
  • Use our sophisticated, online testing system to find the people you need for your jobs.

Reap benefits by using WebAssess®, our online assessment system

  • Make better decisions

    Use online tests to make more informed decisions when hiring, promoting, and managing employees.

  • Save money

    Your administrative costs for testing individuals drop significantly because the web test process does most of the work traditionally performed by HR personnel.

  • Improve efficiency

    Our automated testing speeds things up and makes your employment process go more smoothly.

  • Minimize errors

    Our web testing system practically removes the "human factor" in administering and scoring employment tests, thereby reducing administrative errors.

  • Eliminate hassles

    Get rid of the headaches associated with paper-based tests, which need to be administered and scored manually.

  • Maintain control

    Our easy-to-use online testing system gives you complete control of the assessment process from start to finish.

  • Focus on results

    Since test administration and test scoring are automated, spend more time interpreting results and making informed decisions.

  • Reduce paperwork

    Do less paperwork because our web assessment system automatically captures applicant information, scores, and other data.

Find out how our test website can meet your business needs

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