Performance Management

Effective performance management tools help you get the job done right

  • Give employees what they need to be successful on the job.
  • Provide accurate performance feedback to help employees succeed.
  • We can help you develop performance management tools that work.

"No maintenance required" doesn't apply to employees

Would you ever consider purchasing a home and not maintaining it? Would you buy a brand-new car and forget about its maintenance? Once we spend our hard-earned cash on something, most of us will do whatever is necessary to keep using it as long as possible.

It's a whole other matter, however, regarding business investments, especially those pertaining to human resources. Unfortunately, organizations often don't treat employees as a form of investment deserving more time and attention after they are hired and trained.

Investing management time in employees puts money in the bank

Failing to invest management time in employees is like forgetting to change oil in a car. Supervisors typically expect employees to improve their job performance without telling them exactly how to improve.

Given the lack of "employee maintenance" that exists in many organizations, it's no wonder that businesses often find it difficult to improve productivity and enhance the quality of work among employees. Implementing a business succession planning system will help get the maximum potential out of your employees.

The "sink-or-swim" approach to performance management really isn't management

It's fairly common for companies to forget about their employees after they are hired and trained. A lot of time and money may be spent selecting and training employees, but the investment suddenly stops when employees are allowed to "sink-or-swim."

When managers assume that employees understand what is expected of them, employees are often left to their own devices with little or no support.

Throwing management time at employees is not the answer either

At first glance it appears that the problems created by the sink-or-swim approach to management would be an easy fix. Shouldn't supervisors just spend more time with employees if they want them to be more successful on the job?

The solution is a bit more complicated than simply throwing management time at employees. More often than not, supervisors do not know how to handle difficulties with employees. And supervisors usually do not have the right tools at their disposal for correcting job performance problems.

Well-designed tools will help you improve employee performance

Great pains may be taken to select highly qualified individuals and to provide comprehensive training to employees. Organizations may even certify employees to ensure that they meet certain professional standards.

Management, however, often fails to complete the full circle. Managers may want to improve employee performance, but they usually do not have the right performance evaluation tools to get the job done.

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