How WebAssess Works

Use our online testing system to meet all your needs

WebAssess®, our online assessment system, helps organizations to evaluate individuals for recruitment and selection, promotion, employee certification, and training and development purposes.

But our web testing system involves much more than test administration and test scoring. Our web testing service also allows organizations to manage all of their testing programs through effective policy-making, planning, monitoring, and reporting. Our online testing system was designed to assist organizations at each stage in the process, from planning a testing program to analyzing outcomes and making improvements.

Customize our online tests to achieve your objectives

Use WebAssess to test people for all your business needs:

  • Customize your testing policies and procedures.
  • Build test batteries and establish test standards for all your jobs.
  • Keep track of test results for different jobs and demographic groups.

We have developed a flexible structure that allows you to tailor our online assessment system to meet your specific needs. The web assessment system involves the following major functional areas:

Account Management


View and edit information regarding your Company Account and Administrator Accounts. You can also manage all financial aspects of your account.

Assessment Management


Build test batteries and establish test standards for jobs of interest. You can also start assessment sessions and view and print test results.

Database Management


Maintain your assessment database containing demographic information on individuals, test scores, and hiring decisions.

Product Information


View detailed information about our web tests. We also provide recommendations regarding employment tests we think are most appropriate for certain jobs.