Employment Interview Evaluation

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Estimated Time

  • 8-10 minutes

Number of Steps

  • 4 steps


  • This business tool measures your understanding of barriers to conducting an effective job interview.
  • Learn about issues that may be affecting your success as an employment interviewer.
  • The results provide interview tips and recommendations for improving your interviewing skills.

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Sample Results for Employment Interview Evaluation

Your beliefs affect your interviewing success

What you think about employment interviews might actually affect your effectiveness as an interviewer. Researchers have investigated the most common misunderstandings and myths about interviewing people for jobs. Check out how your beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge about job interviews stack up against the research findings.

Indicate whether you agree or disagree with each statement, even if you don't know exactly how to answer. Answer each item honestly (i.e., what you really think) and not the way you feel it should be answered (i.e., what you think is "correct").

Kick the habit of conducting a bad interview

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