Job Stress Questionnaire

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  • This BizTool helps you identify things at work that contribute to your job stress.
  • Ask your employees or trainees to complete this questionnaire and find out what they worry about most regarding their job.
  • The results provide recommendations for reducing job stress in your life.

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Sample Results for Job Stress Questionnaire

How much is job stress affecting your life?

Most people have experienced job stress but would be hard pressed to explain what it is. And many individuals are not even aware that they are experiencing job stress on a daily basis. This questionnaire will help you determine the extent to which job stress is affecting your life.

Completing the Job Stress Questionnaire

People experience job stress for different reasons. One of the first steps in managing stress at work is to identify the things that make you anxious or worried.

Use the rating scale provided to indicate how much you worry about certain things regarding your job. Please rate each item, even if you are not sure about your rating.

Your "Job Stress Score"

We'll use your ratings to calculate your "Job Stress Score." We'll also recommend some stress-reduction techniques that might help you address job stress in your life.

Help employees manage their stress at work

If you understand what makes employees stressed out at work, you will be in a better position to help them deal with their worries and anxieties. You may also be able to offer employees some helpful insights regarding certain aspects of their job.

How employees cope with job stress can make a big difference to their productivity, safety, and overall well-being at work.

As a manager, you do not have control over the way stress in the workplace affects employees. You do have some control, however, when it comes to improving the work environment and implementing organizational policies and procedures that minimize workplace stress.

Things you can do as a manager

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