Job Condition Inventory

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  • 5-6 minutes


  • This business tool helps you identify the competencies required for a given job.
  • Learn which competencies are most important for job success.
  • Use your "Profile of Success" for improving your recruitment and selection procedures.

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Sample Results for Job Condition Inventory

Create a "Profile of Success" for each of your jobs

Job conditions are aspects of work that help to define a job or group of jobs. They refer to existing circumstances, requirements, expectations, and qualifications regarding jobs. Identifying them for a particular job or job group can be useful when developing job descriptions, recruiting job applicants, designing selection procedures, and conducting employment interviews.

We'll use your answers to prioritize job conditions and create a "Profile of Success" that has a number of practical applications.

Improve your recruitment and selection procedures

If you understand important aspects of work that motivate people, you will be more successful in recruiting and hiring individuals who can meet all your business needs. Investigating applicants' preferences regarding relevant job conditions will help you identify people who have the best chances of succeeding in your organization.

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