Organizational Needs Analysis

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  • 6-7 minutes

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  • This business tool helps you take your organizational pulse.
  • Learn about issues that may be affecting your human resource management programs.
  • The results provide recommendations for improving your organizational health.

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Sample Results for Organizational Needs Analysis

Get a checkup on your organizational health

Organizations don't always feel as healthy as they would like to feel. Often it's difficult, however, to determine exactly what might be causing the discomfort or pain.

Sometimes there is a problem with organizational structure or organizational culture. And sometimes it's a matter of organizational management. An objective needs assessment can help to identify organizational effectiveness issues and provide options for taking corrective action.

Your honest answers to the items in this questionnaire will provide results that will give you some idea of where to start making changes in your organization.

Determine whether you agree or disagree with each statement in this questionnaire. Please answer each item, even if you are not sure of your answer.

Focus on organizational development

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