Performance Areas Predicted by WPQ

Our job-related personality tests predict job success

Over the past several years, we have conducted a number of test validation studies that prove our Work Preferences Questionnaire (WPQ) helps companies select more successful employees. These empirical studies show that people who score higher on the personality scales tend to receive higher ratings from supervisors in a number of job performance areas.

Each personality scale included in a WPQ is essentially a test that measures certain job-related personality traits. From 15 to 40 items are associated with each personality scale. Since most WPQs contain from three to six scales, it is very difficult for applicants and employees to determine what is being measured.

This multiple-scale approach makes personality testing both efficient and reliable. Using our personality assessments, you can gather a great deal of information for predicting how people will perform on the job.

Each personality scale predicts effectiveness in one or more of the following job performance areas:

Employee Productivity / Efficiency

  • Completing job duties quickly and producing results within a reasonable amount of time
  • Achieving work objectives in a systematic, efficient, and timely manner

Quality of Work

  • Producing work outcomes that are accurate, complete, and consistent with quality standards
  • Handling work requiring attention to detail and thoroughness

Job Knowledge

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the duties, procedures, resources, and equipment relevant to one's job
  • Applying company policies and procedures appropriately in meeting needs and addressing problems

General Learning Ability

  • Learning quickly and remembering important information
  • Easily applying concepts, practices, procedures, and techniques used on one's job

Problem Solving

  • Quickly solving work problems and using good judgment and discretion with minimal guidance or supervision from others
  • Applying a systematic process for understanding and defining problems encountered on one's job
  • Developing alternative solutions and using resources creatively in addressing existing or anticipated work problems

Organizational Commitment

  • Demonstrating commitment to organizational values, goals, and policies
  • Being motivated to meet or exceed productivity and quality standards
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude toward work
  • Initiating job activities without prompting from others
  • Maintaining an acceptable attendance record
  • Using work time conscientiously

Personal Integrity / Responsibility

  • Accomplishing work objectives in a conscientious and reliable manner
  • Assuming full responsibility for one's own actions and decisions
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Engaging in honest, trustworthy, and ethical behavior (e.g., following through on promises and agreements, maintaining confidentiality, acknowledging one's mistakes)


  • Influencing the decisions and actions of others
  • Changing other people's opinions and behavior by communicating ideas with assertiveness and tact

Teamwork / Co-Worker Relations

  • Working effectively and cooperatively with others on the job
  • Participating as a "team" member and helping others when necessary
  • Showing appreciation and respect for co-workers' values, ideas, and perspectives

Customer Relations

  • Maintaining congenial relations with customers by being friendly, polite, and helpful
  • Listening attentively and responding appropriately to customer questions and comments
  • Using tact and sensitivity in handling customer problems and complaints
  • Using self-control and remaining calm when dealing with difficult customers
  • Showing appreciation and respect for customers' values, ideas, and perspectives

Safety Orientation

  • Understanding the importance of using safety equipment and following safety procedures to protect oneself, customers, and the public
  • Demonstrating a willingness to take the necessary precautions to decrease the chance of accidents
  • Paying constant attention to safety considerations and the prevention of accidents on the job

Overall Effectiveness

  • Meeting all major job requirements pertaining to productivity, efficiency, quality of work, customer service, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Contributing positively to organizational objectives regarding a high performance work culture, high customer satisfaction, long-term customer loyalty, and business growth

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