FAQs - Company Accounts



What types of Company Accounts do you offer your customers and what differentiates these accounts?

We offer customers two types of accounts: "Standard" and "Licensed." We automatically assign you a "Standard" account when you register with us. A "Standard" account allows customers to purchase our products and fee-based services on an "as needed" basis. A "Licensed" account allows customers to have unlimited access to selected products and fee-based services for an annual license fee. These types ofaccounts afford flexibility and cost-savings to both large and small organizations with different needs.Please contact us if you are interested in a "Licensed" account.

What locations in a company are authorized to use your online tests?

The Company Administrator selects assessment locations and the administrator(s) involved at these locations. The Company Administrator and other authorized administrators may add assessment locations and administrators at any time.

Who is allowed to close a Company Account in an organization?

The Company Administrator is the only person authorized to close a Company Account. Since no one else in an organization has this privilege, the Company Administrator must request to close the account.

What does it mean to be assigned to the "Trial" customer status group?

Individuals who use our online tests during their free 15-day trial period are considered to be "Trial" customers. In addition, from time to time we may make promotional offers to certain companies to try our products and services free for a limited period of time. Organizations accepting this kind of promotional offer are also considered to be "Trial" customers.