FAQs - Administrator Profiles



What is the difference between a Company Account and an Administrator Profile?

A Company Administrator, who opens a Company Account when he/she registers with us, is ultimately responsible for all business transactions between his/her organization and GreatBizTools.com. After a Company Account is created, other individuals besides the Company Administrator may be authorized to use our website and products. Each authorized user has an Administrator Profile within the Company Account. Administrator Profiles help us to meet the unique needs of administrators. These profiles contain personal information, privileges, and preferences that we use to customize navigation and to communicate more effectively with our customers.

How many administrators in an organization should be authorized to use WebAssess®, your online testing system?

That depends on several factors, such as the size of your organization and the number of business locations. If your organization is small and has only one location, you may need only the Company Administrator. If your company is large and has many locations, you may want to authorize one administrator per location. You may also want to consider creating an Administrator Profile for each division or department in your organization. Whatever your situation may be, create as many Administrator Profiles as necessary to meet your specific organizational needs.

How are Administrator Profiles created?

First, the Company Administrator or other authorized administrator in an organization initiates an Administrator Profile. Then, the individual named in the profile receives an email containing a link to our website for setting up the profile. After the individual provides some information (e.g., user name, password, answers to challenge questions), the profile is created and the individual becomes an "administrator" with certain privileges to use WebAssess, our online testing system.

How easy is it to add administrators in an organization?

If you have the privilege to add an administrator, login to your account and click on the Company Account tab at the top of the screen. Then click on Administrators in the navigation area on the left. Finally, click on Create New Administrator and provide the requested information.

How many locations can be assigned to an Administrator Profile?

As many locations as you want. When you assign a location to a particular individual, it means that the administrator is authorized to use our assessment products and services at that location. In some cases it makes sense to assign more than one location to an administrator. Usually, however, assigning only one location per administrator makes the best sense.