Performance Management Features

Use our practical tools to improve employee performance

Our performance management tools involve "worksheets" that:

  • Increase employee productivity and promote fairness
  • Make it easy to provide constructive performance feedback
  • Help supervisors maintain complete performance documentation

View a sample of our performance management tools to see how they work.

Use a sound framework for performance development

Our easy-to-use performance management system includes the following major components: information gathering, performance evaluation, performance feedback.

After obtaining comprehensive, reliable performance information on employees, supervisors use a methodical process to analyze this information. Performance evaluations are then communicated to employees in a constructive way to ensure that effective performance is reinforced and ineffective performance is addressed.

Rely on multiple sources of information

Our performance management system maximizes the amount of information collected on each employee.

Sources of information about employee performance may include customers, co-workers, and supervisors. Statistical measures of employee productivity and quality of work also offer a rich source of information for determining the performance levels of employees.

Identify key job performance dimensions

One of the most important aspects of effective performance management systems is the interpretation of employee job behaviors and performance outcomes.

To simplify interpretation, it is important to categorize observations into well-defined dimensions that relate to organizational values and goals. Relevant job performance dimensions may include productivity, quality of work, customer relations, teamwork, safety, and organizational commitment.

Develop a structured process and reliable measures

Our performance development system involves the following structured phases for achieving the primary goal of improving business profits:

  • Gathering information
  • Evaluating findings
  • Making decisions
  • Documenting and communicating results

We use reliable procedures to quantify all observations regarding job behaviors and outcomes. In addition, we employ statistical standards and supervisor ratings in key areas to make it easier to interpret and communicate job performance findings.

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