Competency Areas for Management Jobs

You can select questions from Interview Questions Worksheets in the following 14 competency areas to develop job interviews that meet the unique needs of your organization when hiring employees for supervisor jobs and management jobs:

Co-Worker Relations / Teamwork

  • Working effectively and cooperatively with co-workers (e.g., peers, direct reports, support staff)
  • Showing appreciation and respect for co-workers' values, ideas, and perspectives
  • Participating as a "team" member in order to improve the overall effectiveness of one's work group and to achieve group goals
  • Maintaining cooperative business relationships and using informal communication channels to enhance one's organizational effectiveness

Customer Service Orientation

  • Establishing and maintaining harmonious relations with customers by being courteous and helpful
  • Using tact and sensitivity in resolving customer problems and complaints
  • Anticipating customer concerns, responding to customer complaints, and taking immediate corrective action

Customer Relations

  • Promoting employee behaviors that reflect an attitude of customer service, responsiveness, and concern
  • Identifying current and future customer needs and establishing quality standards to satisfy those needs

Professional Integrity

  • Upholding professional and business ethics by accomplishing work objectives in a conscientious and reliable manner
  • Assuming responsibility for one's own actions and decisions (e.g., keeping promises, not using deceptive practices)
  • Speaking up when something is perceived to be wrong and encouraging others to avoid questionable practices

Goal Achievement / Results Orientation

  • Establishing specific, realistic, and challenging short-term and long-range goals
  • Setting priorities and initiating job activities that are required to achieve work objectives
  • Maintaining focus, direction, and forward motion in order to achieve one's goals


  • Developing alternative solutions and using resources creatively in addressing organizational problems, issues, and needs
  • Using innovative approaches that result in organizational improvements and cost-effective solutions
  • Identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to benefit financially from these opportunities

Resilience and Perseverance

  • Remaining committed to job activities and completing them even when obstacles and delays impede progress
  • Demonstrating stamina under difficult and frustrating situations

Professional Development

  • Taking the initiative to identify one's own strengths and development needs
  • Staying abreast of changes in one's job by using the appropriate resources for learning new work procedures and techniques
  • Showing an interest in developing oneself for future advancement opportunities

Coordinating and Guiding Execution

  • Coordinating the efforts of several people to achieve the objectives of organizational projects or programs
  • Managing business operations to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity in one's organization

Recruiting and Staffing

  • Recruiting individuals who are best suited to perform specific jobs within the organization
  • Making effective staffing decisions by using systematic, objective, and fair evaluation procedures

Coaching and Developing

  • Facilitating employee development by providing guidance and assistance concerning job tasks and job-related problems

Delegating and Supervising

  • Scheduling and assigning work among employees
  • Communicating expectations and providing clear instructions to employees
  • Monitoring progress toward work objectives

Motivating and Team Building

  • Using personal interaction and influence to stimulate employee enthusiasm and interest in accomplishing specific goals
  • Facilitating the development of trust, cohesiveness, and cooperation in one's work group
  • Consistently communicating organizational goals to help employees envision direction and focus

Evaluating Performance

  • Reviewing and evaluating the work procedures and outcomes of employees in a fair, consistent, and objective manner
  • Providing employees with helpful and constructive feedback regarding their job performance