Visualizing Objects

"Visualizing Objects" is an employment test that measures the ability to visualize the size, shape, spatial relations, and spatial orientation of three-dimensional objects (visual test). This skills test assesses visualization skills required for manipulating assemblies, components, equipment, and machines.



Visualizing Objects


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About This Assessment

Type of Assessment

Competency Dimension

Skill and Ability Test


Time Limit

Number of Items

5 min.

30 items

Predicts Effectiveness in These Areas

Examples of Using Skills & Abilities on the Job

  • General Learning Ability
  • Problem Solving
  • Installing appliances and equipment
  • Repairing appliances and equipment
  • Assembling products and components

Recommended for These Jobs

  • Appliance / Equipment Repair Technician
  • Communications System Installer
  • Skilled Assembler
  • Unskilled / Semi-Skilled Assembler
  • Utilities Installer

Assessment Procedure

Each problem in this assessment includes one object followed by five other objects. One of the five objects is identical to the first object. The identical object is rotated but is not reversed or turned over. This object is exactly the same as the first object, except that it is rotated. The other four objects are different in some way from the first object. These objects may be different in size or shape. The spatial relations and orientation of symbols in these objects also may be different. For each problem, individuals are asked to choose one of the five objects that they think is exactly the same as the first object.

Sample Problem(s)

Sample Problem for Visualizing Objects