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We offer the following types of human resource management consulting services aimed at helping organizations to address employee recognition issues:

Employee Recognition Program Design

Designing effective employee incentive programs involves conducting a thorough analysis of an organization's business needs and objectives.

The findings of the analysis are used to develop design specifications for building reward and recognition programs that motivate employees to meet and exceed challenging job performance standards in selected areas, such as employee productivity, quality of work, customer satisfaction, and safety.

Employee Recognition Program Development

Building effective employee reward and recognition programs involves developing practical tools and procedures that help organizations achieve specific business goals.

We incorporate the following features in employee incentive programs that we develop:

  • Emphasis on motivating employees to engage in desired job behaviors
  • Reliable measurement of job performance outcomes
  • Reasonable, but challenging, job performance standards
  • Use of monetary and non-monetary incentives
  • Formal recognition of employee achievements
  • Development of well-defined guidelines for ensuring fairness
  • Multiple incentive programs for meeting various business needs
  • Regular performance feedback to employees

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