Interview Tools

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Our structured job interview tools will help you...

  • Ask job-related interview questions in key competency areas
  • Save valuable time and become more efficient
  • Be more productive and in control
  • Make better employment decisions
  • Decrease the risk of litigation due to employment discrimination

Use structured employment interviews to make better hiring decisions

We offer the following materials that structure the employment interview and improve your chances of hiring employees who can make the biggest contributions in your company and help you increase your business profits.

Product Sample Check out our product samples. (Note: Exhibited sample interview tools are materials used in the interview system for hourly jobs.)

This comprehensive interview guide provides the following information:

  • Answers to commonly asked questions about the behavioral interview process
  • Interview pitfalls and ways to become a more effective interviewer
  • Interview tips for making your interviewing time count
  • Step-by-step interview procedure for improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Legal implications of employment interviews

These worksheets keep you focused on what you need to explore with applicants. They contain specially prepared interview questions, corresponding "key indicators," and space for taking notes.

This form helps you keep complete and accurate records regarding your evaluations of applicants in selected competency areas. It contains a procedure checklist, "Competency Profile," scale for rating probability of success, and space for your hiring recommendation, comments, and suggestions.

This worksheet simplifies the process for multiple interviewers to conduct organized "information-exchange" sessions. It contains a procedure checklist, space for comparing interviewer ratings, consensus scale for rating probability of success, and space for a consensus hiring recommendation, comments, and suggestions.