Accelerated Learning Techniques

Interested in using accelerated learning techniques in your training programs?

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Control hidden training costs by adopting accelerated learning techniques

Companies typically include only out-of-pocket expenses when they estimate the cost of training employees. But these expenses are just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden costs make traditional training programs much more expensive than what people may think.

Today's sophisticated training programs, which emphasize self-directed learning, are designed to reduce the following hidden costs:

  • Inefficient and ineffective training practices
  • Poor performance on the job because employees do not learn efficient work procedures
  • Mistakes made on the job because employees do not understand certain problem solving techniques and work procedures
  • Elongated training periods because outdated training methods are used
  • Loss of business because employees lack customer service skills

Help employees learn faster and remember more in your training programs

Incorporate the accelerated learning techniques indicated below in your training programs to make it easier for employees to learn what they need to know:

  • Creating a proper learning environment that speeds up the learning process
  • Communicating high expectations throughout a training program
  • Providing a "big picture" framework to improve the retention of information
  • Using activity-based, collaborative learning techniques
  • Posing hands-on problems and encouraging questions
  • Providing daily performance feedback to employees
  • Recognizing and rewarding successful training performance

Reduce training time while making learning more enjoyable

Organizations want training to be as efficient as possible. But sometimes efficiency can make training boring. Employees want training to be interesting and fun. But sometimes stimulating techniques take a little more time.

Companies should merge the best of both worlds and include the following training and development activities that not only reduce training time but also make learning more interesting:

  • Listening to presentations involving colorful, graphic slides
  • Reading materials that are comprehensive and easy to understand
  • Completing daily progress evaluations to assess comprehension of information
  • Completing workbooks relating to relevant subject matter areas
  • Watching and discussing videos that highlight important concepts and practices
  • Working with a "learning partner" to reinforce the retention of information
  • Participating in group learning activities to encourage teamwork
  • Observing demonstrations of the correct way to perform job activities
  • Demonstrating to others that one understands the proper techniques
  • Performing job activities under guided supervision

Did you know that...?

  • Self-esteem is the most important factor contributing to people's success in school.
  • The biggest barrier to learning is excessive stress.
  • On the average, people remember only about 20% of what they read.
  • Accelerated learning techniques:
    • Emphasize positive reinforcement of people's natural learning abilities
    • Help to reduce stress and anxiety
    • Use multi-sensory input to increase retention of information