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We offer the following types of consulting services for helping organizations to address training and development issues:

Training Needs Analysis

This type of analysis involves identifying the most important training needs for employees in a given job or job group. An organization conducts a training needs analysis to design a new training program or to make improvements to a current training program.

The process typically includes reviewing relevant organizational and training materials, interviewing managers, and surveying employees. Findings are used to make recommendations regarding the content, design, and delivery of training programs.

Training Program Evaluation

Training programs are evaluated to determine their comprehensiveness, relevance, and effectiveness. The primary purpose of this kind of study is to gather information for enhancing the content, design, and delivery of an organization's training programs.

Training program evaluations are conducted to answer these main questions:

  • Is appropriate training being provided to employees in all important areas?
  • Is current training effective in teaching the knowledge and skills required for job success?

Training Program Development

We provide assistance to companies in redesigning their current training programs or developing new ones. The scope of these projects varies, depending on organizational objectives.

Research and development activities address numerous issues, such as comprehensiveness of training, length of training, subject matter areas to be included, and key training outcomes.

We create design specifications that meet primary business needs and objectives. We also determine the most appropriate methods for meeting training needs. Finally, we help organizations to incorporate accelerated learning principles and techniques within their training programs.

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