Company Accounts

  1. We offer the following types of Company Accounts to individuals: "Standard" and "Licensed."
  2. A "Standard" account allows individuals to purchase our products and fee-based services on an "as needed" basis.
  3. A "Licensed" account allows individuals to have unlimited access to selected products and fee-based services for an annual license fee.
  4. A Company Account may involve multiple licenses.
  5. A special legal agreement may be required for individuals who are based in foreign countries and who are not subject to U.S. laws and regulations.
  6. Individuals are automatically assigned a "Standard" account when they register with us. Individuals, however, may request to be assigned a "Licensed" Company Account at any time.
  7. Company Administrators may make changes to their Company Accounts at any time. Such changes, however, may result in adjustments to existing service fees or license fees.
  8. Company Administrators may transfer the management of their Company Account to another individual in the organization.
  9. Only Company Administrators are allowed to close a Company Account.
  10. Company Administrators and other authorized administrators may create an Administrator Profile for each individual (i.e., "administrator") in their organization who is being granted access to our online products and services.
  11. Company Administrators and other authorized administrators must assign one or more "locations" (i.e., units, departments, divisions, offices, physical sites) to an Administrator Profile.