PULSE Development Guides

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PULSE training guides make it easy for employees to learn

The PULSE™ Reading Materials Guide, Classroom Activities Guide, and Field Activities Guide contain about 700 pages of easy-to-understand information. These training guides, which are the foundation of a structured system for presenting technical information, are accelerated learning resources for underground locating operations.

Trainers use the Slide Presentations Guide and Progress Evaluations to facilitate the learning process and to evaluate people's performance in the training program.

Designed as comprehensive, hands-on learning tools, the training guides have the features indicated below.

  • The subject matter is organized in major sections that are presented in logical order.
  • At the beginning of each major section, individuals are told what they are expected to learn and why they need to learn it.
  • Information provided earlier in sections creates "building blocks" for information presented later.
  • Headings and subheadings clearly define the subject matter.
  • Bullets are used frequently to enhance readability.
  • Wide margins and large type make it easier for people to read the material.
  • All subject matter areas are explained comprehensively in easy-to-understand language.
  • Technical procedures are outlined in simple steps and then explained in detail.
  • Analogies and examples are used to explain and clarify significant concepts.
  • "Reminders" and "Special Notes" highlight important points made in the text.
  • Artwork is used to generate interest and break up text.
  • Photographs and diagrams are provided to emphasize key points.
  • Numerous figures are used to help people understand technical material.
  • Discussion questions help individuals remember pertinent information presented in videos.
  • Full-color presentations parallel information provided in the reading materials.
  • Workbooks completed by employees correspond to the subject matter presented in the reading materials.
  • Classroom activities include specially designed learning games to help people learn terminology, concepts, and procedures.
  • Facilitators (i.e., trainers) are provided checklists to ensure that their field demonstrations are organized and comprehensive.
  • Procedure checklists are used to structure field activities and maximize efficiency.
  • The booklet contains 12 progress evaluations, which correspond to major subject matter areas in the PULSE training program.
  • Each progress evaluation includes 30 true-false questions that are answered by learners after they read the appropriate material, listen to a presentation, complete a workbook, and participate in a learning activity.
  • True-false questions are used to maximize the efficiency of the evaluation process.
  • Progress evaluations are scored to determine if individuals are comprehending and remembering pertinent information presented in the training program.
  • Progress evaluation results provide feedback regarding the extent to which individuals understand presented information.
  • The guide contains a copy of all slides used in the PULSE training program.
  • Each page includes a copy of one slide with ample space for trainers to incorporate notes.
  • Trainers are encouraged to prepare for presentations by making notes in the guide.

View samples from guides in our utility locator training program

Reading Materials Guide

Technical information on locating underground utilities

Classroom Activities Guide

Presentations, workbooks, and learning activities

Field Activities Guide

Field activities, including demonstrations

Slide Presentations Guide

Presentation slides used by facilitators

Progress Evaluations

Evaluation devices for all major subject matter areas