PULSE Development Program Kits

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Our accelerated learning program is structured and complete

PULSE™ training program materials are packaged in the "kits" indicated below. These kits make it easy to keep everything organized. (Note: The number of pages and slides indicated below are approximate.)

Check out our product samples, which are generic and may not apply specifically to a given product.

Learner Kit

Facilitator Kit

Development Activities Kit


  • Slide Presentations (350 slides) Product Sample
  • The Electron Theory and Ohm's Law (22-minutes, Herb Thomas Productions)
  • Motivational Screensavers

DVDs and Videos

  • Back to Basics (5-minute DVD, Safety Shorts)
  • Get the Dirt: Dig Safely (9-minute DVD, Massaro Productions)
  • Preventing Injury Incidents on the Jobsite (11-minute video, National Safety Compliance)
  • Hapless Hal and the Temple of Doom (5-minute DVD, Safety Shorts)

Learning Activities ^

  • Tic-Tac-D'oh! (Game for learning defensive driving techniques - 6 sets) Product Sample
  • Watt's Up! (Game for learning basic electrical principles - 6 sets) Product Sample
  • Getting Back to Basics (Game for learning utility plant basics - 1 set) Product Sample
  • Hazards! (Game for learning manhole safety procedures - 3 sets) Product Sample
  • Place Your Bet! (Game for learning underground locating and marking procedures - 2 sets) Product Sample
  • Going Underground! (Game for learning locating principles - 2 sets) Product Sample

Three motivational posters

^ Development Activities Kit includes a sufficient number of sets of each game to accommodate up to 12 people in a class.

View samples from guides in our utility locator training program

Reading Materials Guide

Technical information on locating underground utilities

Classroom Activities Guide

Presentations, workbooks, and learning activities

Field Activities Guide

Field activities, including demonstrations

Slide Presentations Guide

Presentation slides used by facilitators

Progress Evaluations

Evaluation devices for all major subject matter areas