Competencies Evaluated by Interviews

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Why are competencies important?

  • Competencies underlie and contribute to the employee success.
  • Identify them by looking closely at working conditions, major responsibilities, and expected job outcomes.
  • Prioritizing competencies can help you focus on key areas during structured job interviews.

Use behavioral interview questions for evaluating applicants

Our Interview Questions Worksheets will help you evaluate important competencies required for successful performance in the following jobs:

Identify competent individuals by using our job interview system

A conventional employment interview focuses on the details of an applicant's work history and educational background. Our interview process, however, helps you gather job-related behavioral information for evaluating applicants' competencies.

Our employment interviews are competency-based. The main objective is to make reliable predictions about an applicant's future success on a job, based on the competencies demonstrated in past situations.

Collect information you need with our structured job interview approach

Our structured employment interviews involve using Interview Questions Worksheets for investigating relevant competencies that underlie job success.

Our worksheets contain specially prepared interview questions and corresponding "key indicators," which are types of responses that tend to characterize individuals who possess the required competencies.